Bryan Prince

Safety and Quality in the Compounding Lab

Hello and Thank You for visiting our site.  Our goal is to help your Compounding Pharmacy implement laboratory process solutions that increase both quality and safety practices.  Call me direct at 228-239-6842 or EMAIL ME and let's discuss your concerns for quality, safety, and workflow in the lab.     -Bryan Prince

Pharmacy Consulting Services we offer:

·  Chemical Handling Technique ·  Formulation Staging and Preparation
·  Contamination Control ·  Equipment Placement and Interaction
·  USP 795 and USP 800 Compliance ·  OSHA Respirator Program Implementation
·  Cleaning Procedures ·  Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Chemical Handling
·  Containment Primary Engineering Control (C-PEC) set-up and maintenance ·  Formulation Software Interaction
·  USP 800 Laboratory Design


Laboratory Design

We can help design a compounding lab that maximizes workflow and safety processes.  If your lab is in need of a remodel or are considering a new build-out, let us help design the lab space.


Speaking Engagements

2017 IACP Compounders on Capital Hill.  June 10-12, Washington D.C.  "USP 800: How to Perform Hazardous Drug Risk Assessments."

2017 USP <800> Deconstructed. Fagron Academy Education Conference. March 30-31, Miami FL. "Proper Usage of Engineering Controls" and "Performing Risk Assessment"

2017 ACA, IACP, ACVP Education Conference. February 23-25, San Diego CA. "Facility and Engineering Controls for USP 800 Compliance."

2016 Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) USP <800> Compliance Webinar. May 3, 5, 9, 10.  Q&A Panel Discussion Expert.

2014 Eagle Analytical Quality Conference. November 14 - 15 - "Quality, Safety, and Workflow in the Pharmacy",

2014 American College of Apothecaries, Compounding - What's Happening Conference. Baltimore, Maryland October 31 - November 1 "Quality, Safety, and Workflow in the Pharmacy"

2014 PCCA International Seminar. Houston, Texas. October 8 - 11 "Quality, Safety, and Workflow in the Pharmacy"

2014 American Industrial Hygiene Conference, San Antonio TX – “Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Lab Practices (GLP) in Powder Handling Environments”

Hazardous Drug Handling

Hazardous Drug Handling questionnaire graphic

We have developed a Hazardous Drug Handling questionnaire that will help you understand where your Pharmacy currently is with regards to a safety and quality processes.  From this you and I can established a plan to move to a desired future state.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your Pharmacy. 


"While at my pharmacy,  Bryan observed our pharmacist and technician staff and  had  a very intuitive, logical, and courteous manner of suggesting better ways to operate my compounding pharmacy safer, more compliant, and more efficient.  Bryan brings commitment, creativity, and solutions to bottleneck processes."  - Jay Watts, R. Ph. , FACA, FACVP

Published Articles

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